Anders Tuominen

Anders Tuominen

Workforce Analyst

Anders has over 14 years of experience in real time management, scheduling, reporting and data source integration.

Highly-organised and exceptionally detailed, he has worked with clients across various industries, including Telecommunications, Transport, Automobile, Gaming and Consumer Products.

During his 12 years with Stellar in the business outsourcing industry, Anders accumulated extensive outsourced contact centre experience, handling reports, rosters, administration, pre-planning and daily operations for a 24/7 Contact Centre with over 550 full-time staff members.

Since joining Customer Driven, Anders has applied his exceptional understanding of Contact Centre operations, rostering requirements and workforce systems to multiple projects. To fulfil the business needs of clients while working around different equity and legacy rules, Anders has developed advanced excel tools for the scheduling and modelling of complex rules around workforce rostering, remote locations and different skillsets.