Knowledge management to help contact centres fully optimise knowledge base

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We help Contact Centres to fully optimise their knowledge base

Why should your business focus on Knowledge Management (KM)?

The push to online self service has changed the way that your customers interact with your Contact Centre. As a result of simple transactions being addressed digitally, your consultants are dealing with the residual complex enquiries. Your competitive advantage comes from having well-informed consultants who understand your processes, policies, and product offerings supported by effective KM capability.

Effective KM combines content, governance, and user engagement strategies, together with a contemporary KMS, to ensure your consultants get the answer right the first time, every time.

What benefits have our clients seen?

Our clients have experienced:
• 67% reduction in information Search Times
• 70% reduction in Clicks to find information
• 95% increase in Content Usability rating

Other benefits include: reduced training time, decreased time to competency, increased cross-skill opportunities, and reduced compliance breaches.

Our Knowledge Management team

We have one of the largest KM practices for customer service operations in Australia.

Our team are passionate about designing knowledge solutions that enable your Frontline to best service your customers.

With skills ranging from Strategic Governance, Content and Engagement Design, Analytics, Information Architecture, Instructional Writing , Database Analysis, Project Management, Training, and Search Optimisation.

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Our Services

Our strong methodology provides the basis for our KM consulting products and services listed here.

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Our Services

Our strong methodology provides the basis for our KM consulting products and services listed here.

Investigate Existing

  • Interview, observe and analyse to understand current state against our best practice
  • Identify case for change
  • Recommend solutions

Proof of Concept

  • Create content for the business using our best practice design
  • Facilitate a time and motion study with people of the organisation
  • Create a user testing video (showing current state vs proposed state)
  • Create a Knowledge Management usability report


  • Governance Model
  • Information Architecture
  • Omni-Channel content and Governance strategies
  • Styles and Standards
  • Templates
  • User Engagement Strategy


  • Redevelop existing and outdated business processes,
    policies and product information into targeted simple knowledge articles
  • Work with business experts to redesign processes
  • Assist with the migration of content on projects
  • Quality Assurance


  • Knowledge Management application training
  • Governance training
  • Introduction to:
    - Writing online
    - Procedural writing


  • Assess capability of KM team
  • Recommend coaching plan
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coach and mentor team
  • Health Checks

Managed Service

Our Managed Service product offers a unique end to end KM solution for organisations, designed from our best practice KM ecosystem. The service covers:

  • Content creation and updates (including end-to-end review cycle)
  • Communication management
  • Feedback management
  • 1st level application support
  • User and role management
  • Monthly analytical reviews
  • Governance presentations
  • Release Management

Our team of KM experts will collaborate with your business to help your organisation achieve its contact centre objectives.