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We help Contact Centres, Back Office and Customer Service Operations to fully optimise their workforce

Why should your business focus on Workforce Management?

The changing landscape of remote workers and an increase in complex enquiries are providing new challenges in optimising workforces while delivering service goals.

Competitive advantage comes from how the organisation adapts to overcome these challenges. Optimised Customer Service Operations align technical, human and business factors to meet needs in effective and efficient ways.

76% of contact centre staff feel that increasing Roster flexibility reduces absenteeism. Talk to one of our practitioners about how we can help you increase the flexibility of your rostering without compromising business objectives or customer experience.

We provide practical solutions to Optimise Contact Centres and Customer Service Operations through contact intelligent routing strategies, employee engagement, and best practice workforce management and business processes to meet customer service delivery goals.

Our approach is grounded in our internally developed framework, WFM7. Built on best practice and leveraging our team’s experience, the framework provides a clear structure of activities and a supporting cadence that successfully delivers workforce management services. Our methodology supports financial budgeting and strategic/business planning processes. As well as reducing financial and non-compliance risks, operational expenses and improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

From providing complete end to end WFM management, through to specific short term support engagements; Customer Driven provide our clients a range of support options to allow for a tailored approach to delivering on their specific needs.

Our Services


Our consulting engagements typically focus on assessing the capability and maturity of a WFM operation, providing detailed recommendations and a roadmap to improving performance and aligning to best practice approach. Our assessments cover people, process and technology; and are tailored to focus on your specific requirements and strategy.


Our team have a strong skillset in workload forecasting and scenario modeling; and leverage our WFM experience across a broad range of clients and industries to deliver best outcomes to our clients. We collate a comprehensive selection of inputs, aligned to your specific environment, to develop accurate long-term forecasts and supporting capacity plans.


Critical to the success of any WFM practice, is an aligned understanding across all roles within the contact centre of both the purpose of the activity and the behaviours that impact the outcomes. We have developed specific training for each role within the contact centre to provide this fundamental understanding and setup your operation for success.

For each training program we deliver, we tailor the content and supporting activities to your specific environment, ensuring alignment and relevance, as well as driving increased engagement.


More than expertise in executing WFM strategies and practices, we can also supply system licensing and professional services to customise setups as required. Our team are experienced in utilising a wide range of platforms and can support you in establishing detailed requirements and platform selection as well as competitive pricing and governance led implementations.


Where an organisation doesn’t have an established set of WFM roles within their business or are looking to access expertise through a cost-effective outsourced arrangement, Customer Driven can help. We provide a best practice end to end WFM solution, incorporating forecasting and scheduling activities and are focused on enabling our clients to understand customer demand and the required resourcing to achieve desired service levels.

Tailored to your operation, our WFM Managed Service will provide the tools and capability to enable optimised performance and will be supported by a governance framework which will drive continuous improvement, employee engagement, and informed decision making.


Passionate about supporting successful WFM operations, our team are ready to support our clients with coaching and development activities. Either through a structured, ongoing program focused on lifting capability; or to provide adhoc support as required, our team of specialists are here to help.


For organisations looking to establish or redesign their WFM operations, our team is here to support. Leveraging our internally developed WFM7 Framework, our team will collaborate closely with your key stakeholders to design a tailored WFM practice aligned to your business needs and strategy.

Once developed, our team can support the implementation and change management initiatives through a range of activities including…

  • Training and coaching of your existing WFM team, with ongoing check-ins, reviews and adhoc support as required.
  • Utilise our practitioners to setup and establish the service with a short-term managed service, before handing over to an internal team. (We can also help with recruiting these roles where required).
  • Setup and establish the WFM operation as an ongoing managed service.


Customer Driven has a strong history of successfully supporting a broad range of clients to develop, implement and optimise Workforce Management solutions in both Government and private sectors. During this time, we have developed and continually improved our own workforce optimisation framework, built on best practice methodologies and lessons learnt.

The framework provides a clear structure of activities and a supporting cadence that successfully delivering workforce management services.

We utilise this framework throughout our engagements with our clients to ensure the delivery of both high-quality outcomes and an aligned understanding and focus across the operation.

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