Cloud-based Knowledge Management (KM) System – Sydney/Paramatta, Melbourne

Customer Driven developed a new Knowledge Base using a contemporary Cloud-based KM system


The Lotteries Contact Centre and administrative functions used a Knowledge Base developed in WordPress, to support various job functions. Employees rarely accessed the knowledge base as they found that the information was difficult to find, not easy to understand and sometimes incorrect. Instead, employees reverted to other means to locate information required to perform their function, by asking colleagues or creating their own reference material, which impacted productivity and quality of services offered.

Customer Driven was engaged to rebuild the Knowledge Base using a Contemporary Cloud-based Knowledge Management system.

Client Brief

To develop a new Knowledge Base for current business processes, to improve information sourcing by employees within customer services.


Customer Driven developed sixteen Level 2/3 business processes for the customer service functions requiring the Knowledge Information. They also facilitated workshops with SMEs to identify the information associated with each of the processes. An Agile approach was taken to develop the information architecture and knowledge artefacts within the Cloud-based Knowledge Management system.

Benefits of the new information architecture, combined with the Knowledge Base resulted in a substantial reduction in information questions being fielded by team leaders, and improved accuracy of information provided to Lotteries clients. Knowledge artefacts are maintained with the latest changes and the new process architecture and information architecture are being used to improve training material.