New Customer Access Strategy – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns

Customer Driven designed a detailed change management framework for the new centralised Contact Centre for Ozcare


Customer Driven was engaged to review, recommend, and implement a new customer access strategy that improved the experience for customers enquiring about Aged Care services.

The Customer Driven recommended solution involved centralising customer enquiries through a purpose-built Contact Centre operation. Customer enquiries were previously directed to distributed service delivery locations and managed in a random, unpredictable manner, without reference to a defined service offering.

Client Brief

To design a detailed plan and deliver change activities and lead stakeholder engagement.


Customer Driven designed a detailed change management framework to engage stakeholders and win support. A series of workshops and meetings were held to involve stakeholders in creating the plan that focused on:

  • The case for change.
  • Leadership alignment.
  • Benefits of the changes.
  • A detailed and concrete plan to implement the change across people, process and technology.
  • Tools required to manage the changes and the newly designed processes.
  • Reinforcement strategies.


This involved putting forward the case for change, leadership alignment, benefits, a detailed and concrete plan, process and technology, tools required and reinforcement strategies.

A new centralised Contact Centre was implemented with all customer enquiries moved over from the distributed locations, resulting in a consistent customer experience.